Targeted Programs

Standard Program

The Standard program targets five major areas which are self-esteem , purpose discovery, physical health and wellness, decision making  and  healthy relationships. 

Therapeutic Program

The Therapeutic Program is an intense program that combines a few focus areas from the Standard program with an added therapy component that provides every girl with coping strategies, behavioral management, mental health skill building, and crisis management. This program is ideal for a client that is in counseling, transitioning from counseling or just undergoing a personal life crisis and in need of extra support.     

Life Skills Program

The Life Skills Program is designed to assist the client with their  transition into society, equipped and ready to handle daily life tasks such as budgeting, cooking, sewing, cleaning, interviewing, business startup, communication skills etc.

Group Mentoring


Group Mentoring

Our Standard, Therapeutic, Life Skills, and EXCEL Mentoring Programs are all offered in group form. We offer group mentoring in academic, family, and community based, settings.



We also provide tailor fit workshops to meet our clients needs  covering various topics such as Goal setting, Time management,  Self-esteem, Health and wellness, College and Career Planning etc.

EXCEL Program


 Our Excel Program is designed for women 18 an over that desire to experience change in a targeted area of their life. Targeted areas range from career development, business startup, Building Confidence, Purpose Discovery, Goal Setting, Crisis Management, Marriage and Family, Health and wellness etc.